B-Block, Kewal Park
Off. : B-29, Kewal Park, Near Rameshwar Nagar, Azadpur, Delhi - 110033
Regn. No. : ROS/North/142/2018

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

At Residential Welfare Association, CSR is embraced in a unique manner. Here Corporate Social Responsibility is a core ethical responsibility willfully undertaken by the company, rather than just because the law just mandates it. The company stands by the fact that a business takes everything for its functional needs from the society, community and the environment to create a valuable, profit generating economic entity. Since the source of all the prosperity is the environment and society itself, it becomes a key responsibility of the businesses to give back to the environment from which it has taken everything to grow.

Principles of Residential Welfare Association

The initiatives must reach out to the neediest sections of society. This spectrum will have children & women on one end, and senior citizens on the other so that all wanting segments may benefit.

The CSR efforts should not be transient, instead, they should bring about a lasting difference to the lives of people, helping them break from the past and move towards a more empowered life

Focus should always be on the multiplier effort to bring about a change that can, in turn, instrument a larger change. With this, women and children attain a central role in our initiatives.

Society Registered under the Delhi, Registration and Regulation of Societies Act 2018, bearing Registration No. ROS/North/142/2018